Holistic Health Practitioner Program

Total Hours: 1000
Completion: 18-24 Months
Tuition Cost: $14,000.00

Program Description

The 1000-Hour Holistic Health Practitioner program is our most versatile, and may include any of the courses and/or certifications from the wide variety of classes and programs offered at the School of Healing Arts. For example, as part of the 1000 hr. HHP program, a student can also include certifications as a Whole Foods Nutritional Counselor, and/or  Massage Therapist, Zen-Touch Shiatsu Technician and  Mind Body Hypnotherapist. Designed to satisfy the City of San Diego’s educational requirement for obtaining an HHP business license, this program generally meets or exceeds requirements for most other localities.

Our unique program allows students to utilize their elective hours according to their own interests to create a unique curriculum. Classes offered include advanced bodywork techniques, nutrition, herbology, communication, hypnotherapy, energetic therapies, oriental health principles and practices, movement, clinical internships, or any of the wide variety of courses offered in our curriculum.

Holistic Health Practitioner – 1000 Hours

Other certifications may be included such as Hypnotherapy, Whole Foods Nutrition, and Zen-Touch Practitioner within the HHP. 250 Hrs. — Massage Practitioner (includes 80  hours of  instruction in Anatomy and Physiology intro and advanced topics, 3 hrs contraindications, 3 hrs health and hygiene, 6 hrs business and 6 hrs ethics.)                                                         

20  Hrs. — Anatomy & Physiology additional Advanced Topics
25 Hrs. — Kinesiology
40 Hrs. — Pathology
60 Hrs. — Nutrition
8 Hrs. — Herbology Introduction
20 Hrs — Herbology, Nutrition or  Communication & Counseling Skills  Electives
28 Hrs. — Movement Therapy
12 Hrs. — Eastern/Oriental Body  Reading,  Principles and  Practices
12 Hrs. — Communication & Counseling Skills
53 hrs  — Massage Body Therapy Internships
472 Hrs. — Massage / Body Therapies, Internships and Electives